What we are focusing on

We are dedicated to providing our customers with stylish, minimalist, and user-friendly indoor and outdoor, garden, and street hardware products, especially a variety of durable outdoor storage solutions..

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers are secure storage units for bicycles and e-bicycles, designed to protect them from theft and harsh weather. They offer a safe and convenient space for bike storage in public areas, workplaces, and residential complexes.

Garbage Bin Box

A garbage bin box is a structure that hides and contains garbage bins, keeping them organized and visually appealing. It helps maintain cleanliness and provides a designated storage solution for waste disposal.

What we concern

We highly value customer experience and feedback.


Original designs need to consider the combination of fashion and user-friendliness.

Quality control

Quality is the core focus among all our concerns.

The Keiway Benefits

Innovation for a better daily life

we are committed to delivering innovative solutions for your indoor and outdoor storage needs such as garden storages,outdoor storage sheds, bike lockers,garbage bin enclosure,over bonnet storages,Parcel box, Rollcontainer,etc.

Why Keiway?

Energy Effciency

Customization Options

It is available for us to provide OEM or ODM solutions when you decided to work with us.We provide very individual solutions for each customer.

Inverter Integrations

Innovative Solutions

Our R&D team innovates to meet evolving customer needs with cutting-edge outdoor hardware solutions.

Demand Response


We prioritize environmental responsibility, minimizing our carbon footprint through eco-friendly materials and processes, for a greener future.

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